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Modular Construction is inherently green! In fact, all of our homes meet Energy Star certification requirements for energy efficiency because of the tightly constructed & sealed building envelope. This also improves air quality & reduces the amount of carbons released into our environment. Every home we build is approximately 15% more energy-efficient than a standard home, with the potential to be at least 20-30% more efficient.
Modular homes are strong! Our homes have to be strong enough to be transported by tractor trailer over long distances at highway speeds as well as be lifted & set by a crane. Because of this modular homes have more framing lumber then traditionally framed homes making them even stronger.
Modular homes are always built to meet or exceed local building codes! In fact, most modular manufacturers sell homes to customers in several provinces & it’s more economical to build them all to the same code specifications, which means they will build them all to the highest level of code.

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