Is there a difference between the builder and the manufacturer?

Yes. The builder and manufacturer are two separate entities working together to construct your home. As the customer, you will be working directly with the builder, not the manufacturer. Because of this it is very important to work with a builder whom you feel comfortable with as all of the design, site work, finish work & permits will be handled by the builder. Behind the scenes the builder & manufacturer work closely together alone the way to provide a seamless and stress-free home building process for you.

What are the advantages of Modular Construction vs. Stick-Built?

Cost Benefit: This is due to the following: Assembly-line efficiency, Volume Purchases, Reduced Cost Overruns and Interest & Insurance savings. (see our benefits section for more details)

Indoor Construction: Building in a climate controlled environment means that structures are not exposed to harsh weather that could cause mold, warping or other structural damage. This creates healthy living environments & clean non-toxic air. It also avoids weather-related time delays.

Workforce: Workers in a modular factory are divided up into different areas of production specialties including floors, walls, roofs, trim, plumbing, electrical, and others. This allows each section of the modular home to be built simultaneously and skillfully by individuals who are masters at their craft.

Inherently Green: Superior energy efficiency, less waste, less site disturbance. Modular Homes can be built to achieve Energy Star, NAHB Green or LEED Certification. (among other local programs)

Speed of Construction: Modular homes are built on a production line with employees, services, and materials staged at appropriate areas to construct your home in the most efficient manner possible. This significantly decreases the variability inherent to site building homes (i.e., weather delays, waiting for sub-contractors, etc.).

What is a modular home?

A modular home simple refers to the method of construction used in building the home. It’s built to province, county and/or local building codes just as a stick-built home should be.

Modular construction is a building systems technology in which structures are prefabricated off-site in an enclosed factory & built in sections (commonly referred to as “modules” or “boxes”). These “boxes” are then transported to the building site and assembled into a single structure with the use of a crane & a set crew. This process is also called “prefab” construction.

Modular homes are built in indoor climate controlled facilities which means that there are no weather delays. While construction in the factory is underway site and foundation work is underway simultaneously. You can go from the first shovel in the ground to a complete home in as little as eight weeks.

**A modular home is NOT a manufactured home. Modular homes are built to the same standards and appraise the same as site-built homes. Manufactured homes are depreciating assets built to completely different codes, constructed differently and valued differently.**