The cost of building a modular home is divided into two main categories: the modular home itself (built in the factory) and the work to be completed on site which includes site work, foundation, mechanical connections, and finish work. Generally, the more work that can be done in the factory the less expensive the final home price will be. We will work with you to maximize your savings by taking full advantage of the factories production capabilities, while advising you that there are some specialty items best installed on site.

One of the many benefits to purchasing a modular home is cost certainty. Once you finalize your design and specifications and agree on a price, you can live without the fear of extras and change orders. You don’t have to worry about material price increases that are so prevalent over the long cycle of building a stick built home.

This cost certainty even allows you to decrease the contingency line in your budget because you know that upwards of 50% of your project costs aren’t going to change. You may have heard of guaranteed price contracts with stick builders, but unless each and every item of the house (down to the door knobs) are specified in the contract somewhere along the line there is going be a change or extra.

The bottom line is that the more of the project costs that are not subject to change, the more comfortable you are going to be throughout the building process